Oklahoma Association for Orthotics & Prosthetics,
Annual Meeting Francis Tuttle Health Sciences Center
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

May 14, 2011 Draft

Members Present: Tom Ferguson, Jeff Arnette, Gary Mullins, Angela Huckaby, Mike Fenner, Terry Brown, Harlon Compton, Brandon Arnette, Osvaldo H. Melegatti, Lynn Ingwerson. The meeting was called to order by Osvaldo Melegatti at 2:35p.m.

Old Business Jeff Arnette reported on legislative impact and outcomes from his inquiry. There is a need for Cped and Orthotists, Prosthetists to come together. Being dually licensed under the law. Only those governed by that law can practice under that law. The three industries currently licensed are certified pedorthist, orthotists and prosthetists, and podiatrists. At this time the Cpeds are not willing to work together with O and P.

Jeff Arnette made an official apology for offending Mike Crow. Mr. Crow accepted.

A motion to continue to elect officers (Mike Crow, Mike Fenner) motion passed.

Mike Crow resigned as vice president. The floor was open for nominations. Michael Arnette nominated Harlan Compton, who due to affiliation and reaction of Cped declined. Terry Brown was nominated and accepted. Motion passed.

The floor was opened to nominations for President-Elect. Michael Arnette was nominated and he accepted (Lynn Ingwerson, Mike Fenner) motion passed. (Jeff Arnette abstained)

• President-elect: Michael Arnette.

• Vice President: Terry Brown .

Reservation of the meeting space needs 8 months advance notice. A motion to change the date of the next meeting and allow the board ½ votes to set the date (Osvaldo Melegatti, Mike Crow) motion passed.

New Business:

Treasures report: Prior to this meeting the association had $27,000 in its account. Expenses increased for this year’s meeting.

Terry Brown noted that the okaop.org website will be updated with photographs from the meeting. Point of Interest: Jeff Arnette Consolidation opportunity closes in 2 weeks.

• Document outlining how consolidation would look.

• Or Wait and see with hopes that unity develops out of necessity.

A motion to tile combining the laws (Mike Crow, Osvaldo Melegatti) Motion passed (Jeff Arnette opposed, Harlon Compton abstained) The Oklahoma Association for Orthotic and Prosthetics was reluctant to consolidate at which point Jeff Arnette stepped down as political liaison. When the association as a unit, speaks, Jeff Arnette will represent as liaison for the association. Consolidation will be considered at a later date when required. A motion to adjourn the meeting (Osvaldo Melegatti, Mike Crow) motion passed.

Minutes by Angela Huckaby